Tom Cat Blues (hi&lo)

Автор мелодии: Nick Cave & The Bad Seed, Wynton Marsalis
American Blues
Nick Cave & The Bad Seed, Wynton Marsalis,
Muddy Waters
Key: D

9  9  9   9   8   7
6  6  6   6   5   4
I got an old tom cat
 8   8    7   -8
 5   5    4   -4
When he steps out
 D                   G
 7   7   7  7  -8 8 -9 -9   -9   -9   -9
 4   4   4  4  -4 5 -5 -5   -5   -5   -5
All the pus-sy-cats in the neigh-bor-hood
  D      A7      D
 8   8  -8  -7   7
 5   5  -4  -3   4
They be-gin to shout

"Here comes Ring Tail Tom
He's boss around the town
And if you got your heat turned up
You better turn your damper down"

Ring Tail Tom on a fence
The old pussy cat on the ground
Ring Tail Tom come off that fence
And they went 'round and 'round

Lord, he's quick on the trigger
He's a natural born crack shot
He got a new target every night
And he sure does practice a lot

He makes them roustabout
He makes them roll their eyes
They just can't resist my Ring Tail Tom
No matter how hard they tries

You better watch old Ring Tail Tom
He's running around the town
He won't have no pussy cats
Come a-tomcattin' around

Ring Tail Tom is the stuff
He's always running around
All the pussy cats in the neighborhood
Can't get old Ring Tail Tom down

He's always running around
Just can't be satisfied
He goes out every night
With a new one by his side
Жанр: Блюз
Тип гармошки: Блюзовая
Ключ гармошки: D

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