The Handsome Cabin Boy (tremolo)

Автор мелодии: John Roberts and Tony Barrand
This is tabbed for a 24 hole Echo Celeste tremolo

 7   7 -6  6 -5   5-4   -3  -4  4    5 5   5
It’s of a pretty female as you will understand
 4    5   -5    6   -6  7 7 -88 -8 -7 -6 -8 -7
Her mind being bent on rambling in-to a foreign 
  7   5     5    -5  6   -6  7  -7     -88   -8 
land she dressed herself in sailor’s clothes or 
-7 -6  -8  -7 7   7    7    -6   6   -5  5-4 4
so it did appear she signed on with the captain 
-3  -4    4   5  5  5
to serve him for a year.

The captain’s lady being on board, she seemed in great joy to think
that the captain had engaged such a handsome cabin boy and many’s the
time she cuddled and kissed, and she would have liked to toy but ‘twas
the captain found out the secret of the handsome cabin boy.

Her cheeks they were like roses, her hair was all a-curl, the sailors
often smiled and said, he looks just like a girl but eating the
captain’s biscuit, well her color it did destroy and the waist did
swell of pretty Nell, the handsome cabin boy.

As though the Bay of Biscay our gallant ship did plough one night
among the sailors there came an awful row they tumbled from their
hammocks for their rest it did destroy they complained about the
groaning of the handsome cabin boy

It’s doctor, dearest doctor, the cabin boy did cry my time has come, I
am undone, surely I must die the doctor ran with all his might,
a-smiling at the fun for to think a cabin boy could have a daughter or
a son.

Now when the sailors heard the joke, they all began to stare the child
belongs to none of us, they solemnly did swear and the lady to the
captain said “My dear I wish you joy for it was neither you or I
betrayed the handsome cabin boy.”

Come all of you bold fellows and we’ll drink success to trade and
likewise to the cabin boy who neither man or maid and if the wars
should rise again, us sailors to destroy well, here’s hoping for a
jolly lot more like the handsome cabin boy.
Жанр: Ирландские
Тип гармошки: Тремоло
Сложность: Для начинающих
Ключ гармошки: G

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