Texas Blues

Автор мелодии: Papa Charlie Jackson
Papa Charlie Jackson
Key: D

     D7             G7                 D7
-1  -3  -3  -2*     -3     -3  -33 -1  -2*
I’m Tex-as bound, freight train on my mind
-2*  3  -3  -2  
I’m Tex-as bound,
-1 -1 -1  -3     -3  -33 -1  -2*
I got a freight train on my mind
4  -3   4   4  4  -3  4  -3
If you miss me on the lo-cal
 (G)                 D
 -5  -5  -5 -33 -2* -1
Look for me on the blind

My suitcase is packed,
My trunk’s already on (2X)
You know by that, 
This sweet papa’s going to be gone

Just look around the corner,
See that passenger train (2X)
Be a long long time
Before you see my face again

It takes a good ol’ fireman,
A cool kind of engineer (2X)
That’ll pull that train,
Take me away from here

I’m Texas bound got no time to lose (2X)
‘Cause my sweet mama quit me
Left me with the Texas blues
Жанр: Блюз
Тип гармошки: Хроматическая
Ключ гармошки: D

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