Summertime (3rd pos minor)

Автор мелодии: Gershwin
6D 5D  6D  6B  5D   6B6D  5D 4D4B  6D--6D  5D
Summertime and the living is easy. Catfish are 
6B--6B   5D   4D  5D-4D 5D  5B    6D   6B5D
jumping, and the cotton is high. Your daddys
 6D  6B   5D   6B6D   5D   4D-4B   4D  5D
rich and your mommys good looking. So hush
 4D5D  6D6B   5D  5B  4D
little baby, dont you cry
Тип гармошки: Блюзовая
Сложность: Для начинающих

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