Spokey Dokey (Yoko Kano)

Автор мелодии: Ryuchiro Sanoo ?
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Tab for Spokey Dokey - Diatonic Harmonica in the key of D - The first
1 and a half minutes.

i  = inhale
b  = small bend
B  = full bend
Bb = full bend + 1 (for that number 3 hole)
-  = quick transgression to (hell all the notes move quickly, but
these ones go that bit quicker than the rest.
     Sometimes so much so you can barely spot it.)
x  = multiplication (ie: hit i1 x5 means inhale hole 1 five times)

At the end and above each line of notes is a time indication of where
string of notes ends according to the original 4 minutes and 5 seconds
tune Spokey Dokey, so you understand whereabouts these notes are being

eg: 01:01 is one minute and one second

This is a complicated tune to tab, and definitely not a tune for
beginners. I picked
up a harp because of this tune setting out to play it, and only a year
later did I 
manage to get it together. Can't say I can do it perfectly, but
you'd be hard pushed
to find many mistakes!

Can't say the tab is perfect either, but it's my interpretation of
it through ear, through
using Bendometer ( www.harpsoft.com ), and slowing down the track
using audio editing software
to get a clearer idea of what the hell he was doing.

If you want to play this tune, you'll need good tone control, good
draw-bend control, decent at tremolo and wah-wah, shakes, tongue
and slapping, a decent harmonica and not one of those cheap $5 ones,
maybe some spare lungs, and if you're a perfectionist theres two
chorded notes too.

The first 00:03-00:09 seconds still puzzles me. He has this 'effect'
that I can never 
perfectly emulate. For all I know I got it right, but it never sounds
quite right to me.

i3 i2 i2B-i1            <--hover on i2, then bring in the bend fast
and slip onto the 1

i1-2i 1-3 i1-2i     <-- the 1 in '1-3' is only there to help hit 2
inbetween hard while you move on to 3, 
                        seeing as you'll be shooting your mouth over
them fast.
                        Put a lot of effort into the initial
blow/inhale of air 

i1-i2 x3  345      <-- repeat i1-i2 3 times in the appropriate rhythm.
What I do, is keep my lips firmly on
                       i2, but 'nudge' the left side of the harp
deeper into my mouth 
                       so that i1 scratches in there somewhere. i1 is
a very brief sound.
                       '345' is actually a light exhalation around
the hole of 3 4 and 5.
                       Don't overdo it, but try to  get some spare
breathe out as you'll be inhaling alot.

i2 i1-i2 x2  345

i2 i1-i2 x2  345

i3-i4 3x    <---shake it. Don't be afraid to hit i2 as well. Sounds
                With no gap, move onto whats below.

4 i4b-i4 i5 i5 5 i4 4 i4 <--- this bit is done while tongue slapping
the notes after the first i4b-i4.

i3-i4-i3  4 i4b i4 i4b 4 i3-i4-i3-i2   <--no tongue slapping now,
unless you can while bending. Hats off to you.

6 i5-5-i4-4 i3-i4-i3 4-i4b-i4    <--- Hit the 6 with a big-ass tongue
                                      The i3-i4-i3 has to be done
while tongue blocking for that
                                      sloppy wet feel, and the bit
before it while tongue
                                      'slapping'. Theres a
6 i6 6 i6 i5 i4 4 i3 4 i4     <-- See if you can slip in a shake after
i6. Slide up to the first 6 discreetly
                                  and fast too.

                         00:22                00:24
i3-i4-i4b-i3-4 i4b-i4-i4b-4 i3-i4x3  4 i4b-i4-i4 x4    <-- so fast
it'll make your nose bleed. i3-i4x3 is a shake.
                                                         End the 4ix4
with a i4b and scroll it down to i2.
                                                         Oh yeah, and
mix the i4's at the end with some i5

00:24 to 00:30 is just hammering i4 and i5 in a rhythm you'll just
have to pick up by ear, ending in
i4-i4b-i4-i4b-4-4 x ending at 00:34 with a very long 4 blow

i3b-4 i3b-4-i4b-i4-i4b-4 i3b-4 x3 i3b i2-i3-i2  <--- this requires a
little character. After the first i3b-4,
                                                     quickly run in
your inhale down to i2 before hitting i3b again.
                                                     On the last i2,
wiggle a bend up and down.
i1-i2B i2 i3b-i3-4 i4b-i4 ... i4b-i4-i4b-4 6    <--- the ...'s mean
the i4 before it hangs for about a second.
                                                     tremolo or
wah-wah (or both) the 6 hole blow. Whatever feels 

From the 6 hole above, quickly i6 and run all the way down to i2, then
back up again to i5.
Hang on i5 for a sec, then quickly hit i3 then 5 blow. Don't run your
inhale back up to i5
'then' hit 5 blow.   

This is where chords come in. 5 blow on a key of D harp is F-Sharp.
The other F-sharp is 
2 blow, so if you can, hit both of 'em. I'll explain how in a

Hold that for a second then move onto i4, which is E. If you can,
hit i1 as well, as that's also an E. Wah-wah/tremolo all the way
through it all.

Doing chords ain't easy, as it's about manipulating your tongue onto
the holes between 
the notes you want to play, so you get the clear crisp chord of two of
the same notes
in a different octave playing. 

At this point, we're 00:52 seconds into the tune. :)

i5 i4b-i4 i4b-down-to-i2
i1-i3B 4 i4-i4b-i4-i3 5-i4b-i3b-i2b      <--i1 to i3B is hard to
describe. i1 is hardly noticable to the listener,
                                            and a 'clucking' noise
should be made in it's lighting fast transference
                                            to i3B. i4 to i3 in the
middle has a mechanical rhythm. 5 to i2b as the 
                                            end requires touching 5
blow, then inhaling your way down to i2b, where
                                            you should finish off with
a bend wiggling up and down 4 or 5 times.

And then the main chorus (i guess you can call it that) comes in with
the guitar.

i3b i3B i2 i3B  <-- i3B lasts a while...fade it out into I3Bb (big
full on bend)

2 i2 i3B-i3 4 i4b-i4-i4b-4-3 i2B i1

1-1, i4b i3Bx3 i3Bb-3-i3B  <--- mess it up. Leak the mouth over i4 and
i2 randomly.

2 3 i3 i4 5 i5 i4 i4b-i4-i4b 4 i4 i3B-i3 i2-i3-i2 2 i1
                   (quick)                (shake)

Well thats it. The rest is easy going after that, if you can do the
above, you can pick up the rest
by ear or learn through a programme called 'Bendometer'. Find it at

You can use it to detect what notes being played on a harmonica. If
you know how to, set
your recording volume control to 'stereo mix' so the computer
'listens' to your speakers
rather than your microphone, meaning the Bendometer will quite simply
pick up whats being
played as you play a music track on your PC. For more info, google
'Stereo Mix'. 

If anyone wants to clean this tab up, or change a detail they believe
is definitely more
accurate to the tune, correct any mistakes I made as I pretty much
just made this on the fly,
or have any questions, email me at chak_red@hotmail.com or add to this
thread on the 
HarmonicaClub forums:
http://www.harmonicaclub.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=6030#6030 .

Жанр: Соло
Тип гармошки: Блюзовая
Сложность: Высокая
Ключ гармошки: D

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