Автор мелодии: Scottish folk song from the Orkney Islands
Scottish folk song from the Orkney Islands
Key: D

-3   -5 -6* 6  5  5    6     -5
The silk-ie be a crea-ture strange
-6*-6* -6*  7     6   6  7   -6*
He ris-es from the sea to change
7  7 -8 -7  -6*  6    7  -6*
In-to a man, a weird one he,
 -6*   6   -4 -4 -4   5    5*  -5
Whose home it is in Skule Sker-rie.

When he be man, he takes a wife,
When he be beast, he takes her life.
Ladies, beware of him who be -
A silkie come from Skule Skerrie.

His love they willingly accept,
But after they have loved and slept,
Who is the monster that they see?
'Tis "Silkie" come from Skule Skerrie.

A maiden from the Orkney Isles,
A target for his charm, his smiles,
Eager for love, no fool was she,
She knew the secret of Skule Skerrie.

And so, while Silkie kissed the lass,
She rubbed his neck with Orkney grass,
This had the magic power, you see -
To slay the beast from Skule Skerrie.
Жанр: Фолк
Тип гармошки: Хроматическая
Ключ гармошки: D

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