Rudy, a message to you.

Автор мелодии: Specials
Just the intro, the sax is wonderful too, but I am struggling to play
it in the same key. I'd forgot about the harmonica intro until i
heard it on the radio the other night and nearly wet myself with
excitement as I ran to get a moothie(scottish for mouth organ)so I
could play it.

44  4  4  5-4-4  -455-4 4 6   -5-5  -555-4
55  5  5  6-5-5  -566-5 5 7   -6-6  -666-5

Two notes at a time, so the two lines above are played together.
Easier even than playing one note.

No space between notes, the minus signs don't count as a space, means
a quaver(eighth note) and a space means a crotchet(quarter note). Hold
the 6/7 for a wee bit longer(minim).

I couldn't quite make the other versions on the site work for me.
Жанр: Ска
Тип гармошки: Блюзовая
Сложность: Для начинающих

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