Man Of Constant Sorrow 1

Appalachian folk song Joan Baez

Фолк Блюзовая Неопределена
Неопределен C Неопределено
Appalachian folk song
Joan Baez
Key: C

5 -4 4 -4  5  -4    4    5   6
I am a man of con-stant sor-row,
6    7    -7   -6   6   -5   5  -4   
And I've seen trou-bles all my days.
5     5   -4   -4  5  -4   4   5   6
I'll bid fare-well to old Ken-tuck-y,
7     7     -7 -6  6   -5   5    -4
The state where I was born and raised.

All through this world I'm bound to ramble,
Through sun and wind and driving rain,
I'm bound to ride the Northern Railway.
Perhaps I'll take the very next train.

Your friends may think that I'm a stranger,
My face you'll never see no more.
There is a promise that is given,
I'll see you on God's golden shore.

I always thought I had seen trouble,
Now I know it's common run.
I'll hang my head and weep in sorrow,
Just to think on what you've done.

And when I'm in some lonesome hour,
And I am feeling all alone,
I'll weep the briny tears of sorrow,
And think of you so far a-gone.

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