It Isn’t, Wasn’t, it Aint Never Gonna Be

Автор мелодии: Whitney Houston & ARETHA FRANKLIN!!


With Aretha franklin


  4     -4   -4   4    -4  -4  -5  -5b
You've been hang-ing round my boy-friend

   4    -4  -5b -4  -4   -4    -4
You've been say-in that he's sweet, yeah

  4  -4 -4    4   -4  -4   -5b -5b
Girl I know that you been talk-ing

 4   -4   -4  -5b -4 -4  4    -4
Be-cause the talk is on the street

 -4 -6b  -6b -5b  4   -4  4  -5b  -4  -4
You say that you are gon-na take his heart

-5b -6b -5b -5b  4    -4  4 -5b  -4   -4
But hon-ey you ain't gon-na get that far

  -4  -6b -6b  -5b  -4   -4   -4   -4  -5b -4  -4
You're af-ter some-thin that don't be-long to you

 -5b  -6b  -5b    -6b -6b  -7  -6b -6b
Well girl-friend I've got news for you

[Spoken:] What are you trying to say Miss Thang?


-6b -7  7   -7  -7  7  -6b  -7    7   7
It  is-n't, it was-n't, it ain't nev-er 

 8  -8  7
gon-na be

-6b -7  7   -7  -7  7  -6b  -7    7   7
It  is-n't, it was-n't, it ain't nev-er 

 8  -8  7
gon-na be

-7  -7    -7 -6b -7 -6b  -7 -7   -8  7
He ain't nev-er, ev-er, nev-er, nev-er, 

 -7 -7  -8 -8  -8 -8  9   8   7
Nev-er nev-er gon-na be your man

[Whitney:] same as verse 1
Well I just ain't the kind of woman
To pick the fruit off of your tree, girl
And you keep say-ing that he's your man
Well that ain't what he said to me
He blow me kiss-es as he drives a-way
He sends me roses in the mid-dle of the day, yeah
You think it's you that he's think-ing of
But I'm the one he real-ly, real-ly loves
[Spoken:] So what am I trying to say? 
          Don't dis me girl!!


[Aretha speaks:] What are you doin layin’ 
                 and hangin back 

                   7   -6b  -5b  -6b
[Whitney sings:] Don't you know girl?
[Aretha speaks:] Hmmm...Just as I suspected...

              -7  -7   -7  -7  -7  -7 -7 -6b  -7
[Both sing:] You been talk-in that la la and that 
             -7 -6b -6b -6b -6b -5b  -5b  -5b
             Ya ya and that yin and that yang

             -5b -5b -6b  5  -4
             but the man is mine, Hey!!

[Aretha:] He blows me kisses as he drives away
[Whitney:] He sends me flowers in the middle of the day, 
           yeah Aretha: 
You think it's you that he's thinking of
[Whitney:] I know I'm the one that he really, 
           really, really loves.
[Aretha speaks:] What am I tring to say Miss It?
[Whitney speaks:] What are you tring to say?
[Aretha speaks:] Get real!!


[Spoken Interaction:]
[A:] So now what is this?
[W:] Well you know
[A:] That my man is supposed to be interested in you?
[W:] What can I say
[A:] You know, I realize that you're under pressure.
[W:] Yes, I am
[A:] And that you are suffering from delusions, but uh
[W:] Well
[A:] Don't be ridiculous
[W:] I'm not
[A:] Get Real!
[W:] You better get real! You know the deal, 
     he told me he loves me and that I'm just 
     his forever
[A:] Uh huh... forever
[W:] Forever
[A:] Must have played out about 20 years ago. 
     Now check this out. Your man is not my man!
[W:] This is true!
[A:] Uh huh
[W:] This is true.
[A:] Now, every king has his queen, 
     and I love my role being his queen 
     And I hope you like yours too...
[W:] Well, I'm his princess
[A:] ...whatever that is...
[W:] (Bursts into laughter) Wait a minute....wait
[A:] Come on now...
[W:] OK..Well he said that I'm his princess... 
     you might be his queen, but I'm his princess
[A:] Yeah, well, I like being the queen myself
[W:] Well, you know that's what you are, 
    [bursts into laughter again]
[A:] Shut up....[laughs]...shut up!
[W:] Oh, this is funny

Жанр: Поп
Тип гармошки: Блюзовая
Ключ гармошки: G

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