Isn’t she Lovely (1st Harp Solo)

Автор мелодии: STEVIE WONDER

I am aware that there are other solo's of this song posted, problem
is and with no disrespect to them, they are not accurate and are
either missing notes, got the wrong notes or incomplete

this tab is GUARANTEED 100% ACCURATE! and unlike the others posted
very easy to read and follow.

i will post part two shortly, doing it this way makes it easier and
allows you folks to break it down and learn it as you go without the
confusion, and contrary to the other tabs part two IS NOT THE SAME AS
PART ONE and is also significantly longer!! Furthermore rather than
throw it all at you, ive broken it down line by line, which is
indicative of the riff sequences, so that even a beginner knows where
they are at!

now that im done ranting lets get down to it!

NOTE* when you see < it means play the hole with THE SLIDE BAR PRESSED
when you see notes in brackets its one of stevie's trademark trills
(basically three notes played rapidly by pushing in and releasing the
bar rapidly)

yet again this tab is dedicated to WALTP who goes to great pains to
ensure all his tabs are 100% accurate WE ALL owe him the same! 

SOLO 1:12


<7,-7,<7,<-6,6, <4+5,<-3




Жанр: Соло
Тип гармошки: Хроматическая
Ключ гармошки: C

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