I’d Like To Be In Texas


Hey Y’all its Tin Min giving you Folk’s
Some old style traditional Country
The sort of songs we play on the 
Cattle drive trail and campfires!!
So sit close to that fire and after a good chew
Take out our Mississippi tin sandwich and sit a spell!

5 -5b  -5  5   -5 -5b  -5   5    5   -5  -6b
I can see the cat-tle graz-ing o’er the hills

-6b -6b -6 -7
At ear-ly morn

-6 -6  -5  -5  -5b  -5    -6   -5
I can see the camp-fires smok-ing 

-5  5    5    -5 -5  5    4
at the break-ing of the dawn

5 -5b  -5   -5  -6b  -5   -5    5
I can hear the bron-co’s neigh-ing

-5 -5  -6b -6b -6b  -6   7
I can hear the cow-boys sing

-6  -5  -5 -5b -5 -6b -5  -5  -5b  5   4
Id like to  be in Tex-as for the round-up 

-4  4    4
In the spring

Oh, ive seen them stampese o’er the hills
When you’d think they’d never stop
Ive seen them run for miles and miles
Until their leader dropped
I was a foreman on a cow ranch
That’s the calling of a king
Id like to be in texas for the round-up
In the spring.
Жанр: Кантри
Тип гармошки: Блюзовая
Ключ гармошки: C

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