Cruel Mother

Автор мелодии: Traditional folk song Judy Collins
Traditional folk song
Judy Collins
Key: F

5     -6 -6 6  -6  -6   -6  5    5
There was a la-dy lived in the north
-6   7    7  -7* -7   7  -6  8 
Oh, the rose and the lin-sie oh
-7   -7  8    8   -6  -6   7 6  5    -3*
She fell in love with her fath-er's clerk
-5*  -5  5   -3*    5  -6   6 5
Down by the green-wood sid-ie-o

He courted her for a year and a day
Till her the young man did her betray

She leaned her back up against a thorn
Then she had two pretty babes born

She took her penknife keen and sharp
She has stabbed it to their hearts

As she was walking her father’s hall
She saw two babes a-playing ball

She said Oh babes it’s you can tell
What kind of death I have to die

Seven years a fish in the flood
Seven years a bird in the wood

Seven years a tongue in the warning bell
Seven years in the flames of hell

Oh welcome welcome fish in the flood
Welcome welcome bird in the wood

Welcome welcome tongue in the warning bell
God keep me from the flames in hell.a
Жанр: Фолк
Тип гармошки: Хроматическая
Ключ гармошки: F

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