Cold Brains

Автор мелодии: Beck
I do not want to take credit for this tab, I got it off  a forum page
and I wanted more people to know about it.  Thats all.

1st part 
4B 5B...<4B> 5B (4&5D) 5D 5B 4D 4B 
4B/6B...<(5&6B)> (5D...) 5B 4D 4B 4d-4b 
4D-4B-4D 5B..4B <3&4B> 

2nd part 
8b7B 8B 8d-7B 
5B 5D-5B-4d (4D...(&5D)) 4B.. 
4D-4B-4D 4B (5D)5B-4D-4B-4D 5B... 
(5&4D) 5B 4D 4B-4B 

/=slide up 
=slide down 
<>=vamp/"wah"/right hand movment.. 
Тип гармошки: Блюзовая
Сложность: Средняя
Ключ гармошки: D

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