Автор мелодии: Judy Collins
W: Neil Roth
M: Lydia Wood
Judy Collins
Key: D

-6*-8… -810…  9*-10*10-10*-98*-8
Lo,    lo,     lo... 

-4  4* -5  -4  -6*  6  -5   -4
Laz-lo Feh-er stole a stal-lion, 
7      7   -7   7  -6* -4 -5*  -6*
Stole him from the mist-y moun-tain 
7     7    -7    7  -6*  -4    4*   -4
And they chased him and they caught him, 
-6* 6 -5  4*   -4    -3    -4  -4
And in i-ron chains they bound him.
Word was sent to Anathea 
That her brother was in prison. 
"Bring me gold and six fine horses, 
I will buy my brothers freedom." 

"Judge, oh, judge, please spare my brother, 
I will give you gold and silver." 
"I don't want your gold and silver, 
All I want are your sweet favors." 

"Anathea, oh, my sister, 
Are you mad with grief and sorrow? 
He will rob you of your honor, 
And he'll hang me from the gallows." 

Anathea did not heed him, 
Straight way to the judge went running. 
In his righteous arms at midnight, 
There she heard the gallows groaning. 

"Anathea, Anathea, 
Don't go out into the forest. 
There among the green pines standing, 
You will find your brother hanging." 
Lo, lo, lo
Жанр: Фолк
Тип гармошки: Хроматическая
Ключ гармошки: A

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