The Arizona Killer (3:10 to Yuma)

Кантри Блюзовая Неопределена
Неопределен C Неопределено
4        4 4    5  6    6  6   6  5
There'e gonna hang me, in the morning
  -5   -5  5     4  -4
'fore the night is done
 5    6  6  6   6  5
Hang me in the mornin'
4 -4  5 6   5   -4  4
I'll never see the sun

I think the tabs are the same for each verse. I composed these of the
part that is done for the movie, have never actually heard the whole
song. A few of the lyrics for the first 3 verses are as follows.

I killed a man in Dallas, 
And another in Cheyenne 
But when I killed the man in Tombstone 
I overplayed my hand 

I rode all night for Tucson 
To rob the Robles Mine 
And I left old Arizona 
With a posse right behind 

I rode across the border 
And there it did not fail 
The men that was a-follerin' me 
They soon did lose my trail

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