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Police Dog Blues (2nd position)

Blind Arther Blake

Блюз Блюзовая Неопределена
Неопределен D Неопределено
Blind Arthur Blake
Key: D

tabbed on a G diatonic

 D                 G              D
-3  -4  -3”  3    -4 -4  -4   3  -3
All my life I’ve been a trav-lin man
 G                                D
-4  -4  4     3   -4 -4  -4   3  -3
All my life I’ve been a trav-lin man
  A7                G                D   
 -5  -4-4  -4   3  -4 -4 -4 -4-3’-3” 3
Stay-in a-lone and do-in the best I can

I shipped my trunk down to Tennessee 2X
Hard to tell about a man like me

I met a gal, 
I couldn’t get her off my mind 2X
She passed me up, 
said she didn’t like my kind

I'm scared to bother around
Her house at night 2X
She got a police dog, cravin for a fight

His name is Rambler
When he gets a chance 2X
He leaves his mark on everybody’s pants

Guess I’ll travel,
I guess I’ll let her be 2X
Before she sicks her police dog on me

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