Piano Man intro

Автор мелодии: Billy Joel
I'm actually pretty sure this song is just done with 6 and 7. I think
it just sounds like it goes lower than that because of the infasis the
player puts on it. I know its hard to believe this song could possibly
be achieved so simply, since all great works MUST be complicated, but
I bet if you 
tried it, you'd like it. :O)

 7.. -77.. -6. 6-66.. 6.... -66.-6....@ 6.-6. 7.. -77.. -6. 6-66.. 6..

My tab's done kinda different than you may be used to. If the notes
are side by side it doesn't mean to try and play them at the same
time, it means to play them quickly one right after another with no
pause. Also, the periods let you know which notes to extend. (I
didn't want to say draw out, cause you might try to inhale on those
notes. I mean play longer.) 2 periods mean to draw for a few beats,
one period is like a single beat, and 4 long notes. The best way to
get the rhythm is to listen to the song, of course, but the periods
help to at least figure out which notes to hold longer than other
notes, and which ones to just sort of hit and move on. Also, the @
means(AND don't forget to get louder!) 'cause, this is the note of
the song that you hold and get louder. Its easy, just inhale harder
and harder. Giggidy
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