New York Girls

Sometimes called or subtitled Cant You Dance the Polka
This song was heard in the movie, Gangs of New York.
That rendition was slightly different that this one.
I heard the song long before on a record from National Geographic,
called Songs and Sounds of the Sea.
That version is what this tab is based on, not the movie version.

6  5 6      6    5   -5   -6
As I walked down the broadway,

7   -7 6    -5 -4 5
One evening in Ju-ly,

7 7   7 7    7    -7   -6 -6
I met a maid who asked me trade,

-6   6 6  6   5    4    -4 5
And, a sailor Jack says I---,


5   -5 6    5    -5 -6
And a--way, dear Santee,

-7 -6   -6 6
My dear An-nie!

7   -7  -7  -6   -6
Oh! You New York Girls,

6    6   5     4   -4 4
Cant you dance the polka?

Well I took her down to Tiffanys,
I did not mind expense.
I bought her two brass lollypops,
They cost me fifteen cents.


She said, You Limejuice sailor,
Oh, see me home you may!
But when we reached her cottage door,
She this to me did say,


Oh my flash man, hes a Yankee,
With his hair cut short behind.
He wears a pair of red-top boots,
And sails on the Blackball line.


Well, I kissed her hard and proper,
Before her flash man came.
I said, Farewell ye bowery girl,
I know your little game.


Well, I kissed her hard and proper,
And back to the ship did steer.
Ill never court flash girls no more,
Ill stick to rum and beer.

Жанр: Фолк
Тип гармошки: Блюзовая
Сложность: Для начинающих

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