MakeDown Blues


Неопределенный Блюзовая Неопределена
Неопределен Неопределенная Неопределено
For about 5 years of my paper mill career I worked in an area called
pulp makedown.  This is the second song I've written.  It has a lot
of papermill jargon in it, so it may not make sense to anyone who has
never worked in a paper mill.  If you're interested, message me, and
I'll explain it.

Make down blues, make down blues,
 -1    2    -2    -1   -2    -1
Oh Lord I've got, them make down blues.
-2  -3   4    -4   -4   4     4   -3

Get up at dawn,
-2  -3  4  -4

Stag-ger through the door,
 -4   -4    4     -3   -2

Hear that make down say,
-4    -4    -4   -4  4

Gon-na eat your lunch to-day,
-4  -4  -4  -4    4   -3   -2

Make down blues.
 -1   2     -2

Work here all night,
Work the whole night long
Makes you wonder who,
Who's keepin your woman warm.
Make down blues.

Lord it's so cold,
Cold all winter long,
Lord it's so cold,
Hurtin' me to the bone.
Make down blues.

Lord it's so hot,
Hot all summer long,
I'm goin' to Heaven,
Cause I've spent my time in Hell,
Make down blues.

Big One wants broke,
Number 2 wants more,
Clip chest is dry,
Got to fill it up for sure.
Make down blues.

Unload them trucks,
Stack it on the floor,
Boxcars so full,
Bales are fallin' out the door,
Make down blues.
To hear the tune click on the above link.

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