love is a rose

Neil young

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5/666/5/666-6-664                            love is a rose but
you've better not pick it.     -5-5555-4-45                        
Only grows when it's on the vine.         5/66666-6-666            
                Handful of thorns and you know you'vemissed
it.6466-555-4-44(34)(34)                      You lose your love when
you say the word mine-mine-mine.  456-6-6-6656                       
I wanna see whats never been seen.             65-566-555             
                   Iwanna live that age old dream.                
6-6-66/55664                                 Come on lass we can go
together.                --444-4-44 Lets take the best right now.     

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