I Like Guns

Автор мелодии: Steve Lee
I love this little song.  It's only three notes on a diatonic, at
least the way I hear it.  To hear the melody and watch a very
entertaining video, do a youtube search for "I Like Guns"

I like guns, I like the way they look,
5  5     5   4   4   4   4d   4d   5

I like the shin-y steel, and the polished wood,
4  4    4   4   4   4d    4d  4d  5   4d   4

I don't care if they're big or small,
5  5     5   4    4      4d  4d  5

If they're for sale, Hell, I want 'em all.
4   4       4d  4d    4d   4d  5   4d  4

I like guns, I like guns, I like guns.
4  4    4d   4d  4d  5    4  4    4

I really like my twenty two mag,
5   5  5   5  4   4d  4d     5

Forty five lever with the Winchester tag,
  4 4  4    4d4d  4d  4d   5   4d 4   4

My old double barrel, had it most of my life,
4   5   5   5  5  5    4   4  4d  4d  4d  5

Three fifty sev-en was a present from my wife.
  4    4  4 4d  4d 4d  4d 5  5    5   4d   4

I don't understand all this fuss,
Why they're tryin to take our guns off of us,
I ain't gonna shoot anyone,
And no one shoots at cause I've got a gun.

Now God made the animals, and God made the trees,
God made you, Hell He even made me,
He gave me this voice so I could be a singer,
Why do think I've got a trigger finger.

I'm sure Steve thinks he wrote the perfect gun song, but since he
didn't say anything about Cowboy Action guns, I felt obliged to write
another verse.  I doubt he'll feel obliged to include it in his song.

I really like my Cowboy guns,
My '47 Walker and my Navy '51,
My .44-40 shoots as fast as a snake,
My 10 gauge Greener starts a small earthquake.
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