House Of The Rising Sun (Baez version)

Автор мелодии: Traditional folk song
Traditional folk song
Joan Baez
Key: Dm

5     -6 -7  7   -8  8  -8 7 7-6  
There is a house in New Or-leans
-10  -10  -10  9  -10  8
They call the Ris-ing Sun
-10 -10   -10 -6   7  7
And it’s been the ru-in 
-8  8  8-8 -8 7 7 -6
Of man-y a poor girl.
8   8-8 7  -65   6  -6
And me, oh God, for one

If I had listened to what my mother said
I’d have been at home today,
But I was young and foolish, oh God,
Let a rambler lead me astray.

Go tell my baby sister
Don’t do what I have done.
But shun the house in New Orleans,
They call the Rising Sun.

I'm goin’ back to New Orleans,
My race is almost run,
I'm goin’ back to spend my life,
Beneath that Rising Sun.
Жанр: Фолк
Тип гармошки: Блюзовая
Ключ гармошки: F

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