Gene’s Goin Banana’s Blues!

Автор мелодии: TIN MAN!!!
Gene’s Goin Banana’s Blues

Hey Y’all its Tin Man Giving you another Great song!

What better way to honour a Harp friend then to immortalize
‘em in song!!

GENE thanks for being YOU!
Thanks for all your suggestions
Thanks for all the laughs you’ve given me 
Thanks for teachin me so much 
Thanks for your friendship
Thanks for helping me out with requests
And for all your wicked tabs



For the 4 -4’s use ta method same for 4 -3’s
It should sound like bugle call

-1,2 ,3,6,-6b,-5,5,4

At harp tabs we have Gene


He makes us laugh till you lose your Spleen


If you slip on a banana


Don’t yell holy Hannah  


Go to his profile page


Try to return him to his cage


But you better be wary


He’s slippery and very hairy


But when it comes to the forum post


He gives us the most


If you cant fall sleep


Ask him about Uriah Heep!


-2 -3 4 -4bHV  -2 -3, 4,6, -5b,-4b,-3hsb,-4b,4,5, draw slide to
-1,-3fsb hold HV
Жанр: Блюз
Тип гармошки: Блюзовая
Ключ гармошки: Bb

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