Автор мелодии: Reba McEntire/Lyn Anderson
FANCY            REBA MCENTIRE/Lyn Anderson

Hey Y’all its TIN MAN again giving you 
Even more country greats!!
Where would country music be if we don’t 
Acknowledge the old timers! That influenced
Our modern day superstars!!!




 4  -6b -6b 6  -6b -6b -6b 
Well I  re-mem-ber it all 

-6b 6  -6b  -6b  -6b 6
ve-ry well look-in back

5   5   4   -4 -4  4   -4    -4   -4
It was the sum-mer I turned eigh-teen

4    -4  -4 4 -4   -4    -4  -4   -4
We lived in a one room, run-down shack

-4  4  -4    -4    4  -4  4   4
On the out-skirts of New Or-leans

4   6  -6b -6b  -6b-6b -5b   7  -5b -6b  
We did-n’t have mon-ey for food or rent

6   5   4   -4   4   -4   -4     5
To say the least we were hard pressed

 4   -4 -4   4   -4  4   -4   -4 -4 4  -4
Then ma-ma spent ev-ery last pen-ny we had

4   -4 -4 4  -4  4    4
To buy me a dan-cin dress

-6b  7  -7   8     6   -6b    6   -6b   -6b  7
Well ma-ma washed and combed and curled my hair

 7   -6b  6    6    6 -6b -6b -5b   7   
And then she paint-ed my eyes and lips 

-6b -5b   6    5  6  6 6  5
then I stepped in-to a sa-tin

 6   6   -6b   -6b -6b 4  -4  
Dan-cin dress that had a split 

-4  4   -4    5   4   4  4  4
on the side clean up to my hip

7  -7   8  -6b -6b   6 -6b -6b -5b -6b -5b 7
It was red vel-vet trim-in and it fit me good

-6b  -5b   6    6   5    6   6   6  
Stand-in back from the look-in glass

  6     6   5  6 -6b  
There stood a wom-an 

-6b -6b -4    -4   4   4    4
where a half grown kid had stood

-6b  -6b  5  7    7    5 -6b 5
She said, Ma-ma, what do  I do? 

 5    5    4   -6b -6b  
She said, Just be nice 

-6b -6b -4 -6b -5b -5b -5b
to the gen-tle-men Fan-cy

-5b    4    6    4  -5b 4
And they’ll be nice to you


 6   -6b  -5b    7   -5b   -5b   6  7   
She said here’s your one chance Fan-cy 

  6    6  8   5
don’t let me down

 6   -6b   4      5   4     4    -4 -4 
She said here’s your one chance Fan-cy 

 -4    -4 -6b  4
don’t let me down

 4      5  -6b   6  -7  7   6   7 -5b 
Well, Lord for-give me for what I do, 

-6b -6b -5b  -7  -5b
but if  you want out

 7     -5b  6  7  6
Well, it’s up to you.

 6    -6b  -5b 6   6     
Now, don’t let me down, 

 6   6   6   5    5   5  5    5  -6b -6b
now your ma-ma’s gon-na move you up-town

 6    -4  5    6   5
Well, I guess she did


Mama dabbed a little bit of perfume on my neck
And she kissed my cheek
Then I saw the tears wellin up in her troubled eyes
When she started to speak
She looked at a pitiful shack
And then she looked at me and took a ragged breath
She said your pas run off and Im real sick
And the babys gonna starve to death

She handed me a heart shaped locket that said
To thine own self be true
And I shivered as I watched a roach crawl across
The tow of my high heel shoe
It sounded like somebody else that was talkin
Askin mama what do I do
She said just be nice to the gentlemen fancy
And theyll be nice to you



Well, that was the last time I saw my ma
The night I left that rickety shack
The welfare people came and took the baby
Mama died and I aint been back

But the wheels of fate had started to turn
And for me there was no way out
And it wasnt very long til I knew exactly
What my mamas been talkin about

I knew what I had to do but I made myself this solemn vow
That is gonna be a lady someday
Though I dont know when or how
I couldnt see spending the rest of my life
With my head hung down in shame you know
I might have been born just plain white trash
But fancy was my name



It wasnt very long after a benevolent man
Took me off the street
And one week later I was pourin his tea
In a five room hotel suite

I charmed a king, a congressman
And an occasional aristocrat
Then I got me a georgia mansion
In an elegant new york townhouse flat
And I aint done bad

Now in this world theres a lot 
of self-righteous hippocrits
That would call me bad
And criticize mama for turning me out
No matter how little we had
But though I aint had to worry bout nothin
For nigh on fifteen years
I can still hear the desperation in my poor
Mamas voice ringin in my ear


Жанр: Кантри
Тип гармошки: Блюзовая
Ключ гармошки: A

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