Engine 143

Автор мелодии: Carter Family
4   4    4  -4  5  5  5
A-long come the F. F. V.,

     G                D
-4    4   -4   4  4    4
The swift-est on the line,

 6   6    6    5    6  -6    6
Run-ning o'er the C.'n' O. Road,

      E7                   A
 5    -4  -4  -4  -4   5  -4  
Just twen-ty min-utes be-hind,

 6   6    6  5  6    6
Run-ning in-to Sou-ville,

 D7    G                D
 5 -4   4   -4   4 -3    4
He-ad quar-ters on the line;

 4   4   4    4     -4    5  5
Re-ceiv-ing their strict or-ders

       E7        A7      D
  5  5  -4  -4    5  -4   4
From a sta-tion just be-hind

verse 2
Georgie's mother came to him,
A bucket on her arm.
Saying to herr darling son,
"Be careful how you run;
Many a man has lost his lift
Trying to make lost time,
And if you run your engine right,
You'll get there just on time."

verse 3
Up the road she darted,
Against the rock she crushed,
Upside down the engine turned
And georgie's breast did smash
His head against the fire-box door,
The flames were rolling high.
"I'm glad I was born for an engineer,
On the C & O Road to die."

verse 4
The doctor said to Georgie,
"My darling boy, be still,
Your life may yet be saved
If it is God's blessed Will."
"Oh, no," said George,
"That will not do,
I wantto die for the engine I love,
One and Forty-Three."

verse 5
The doctor said to Georgie,
"Your life cannot be saved,
Murdered upon the railroad,
And laid in a lonesome grave."
His face was covered up with blood,
His eyes you could not see,
And the very last words poor Georgie said,
Were "Nearer, my God, to thee."
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Ключ гармошки: D

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