Bile Them Cabbage Down (with chords)

Автор мелодии: Most Bumpkin Bands
  A                 D
  5    5    5 5    -5    -5
Bile Them Cabbage Down, down, 
  A                    E7
  5    5   5    4     -4
Turn them hoe-cakes `round.
     A             D
-4   5 5   5    4 -5 -5   -5  -5
The only song that I can sing is 
  A        E7       A
  5    5   -4 -4    4
Bile Them Cabbage Down
  6   6  6  5    6  6
Went up to the mountain, 
  6   5   6   6   6  5  -4
Just to give my horn a blow
   A                 D
   6    6   6    5  -5   -5  -5
Thought I heard my true love say
   A      E7       A
  5 5    -4  -4   4
"Yonder comes my beau"

Took my gal to a blacksmith shop
To have her mouth made small
She turned around a time or two
And swallowed shop and all

Possum in a `simmon tree
Racoon on the ground
Racoon says"You son of a gun"
Shake some `simmons down

Some-one stole my old `coon dog
Wish they`d bring him back
He chases big hogs through the fence
And the little ones through the crack

Met a possum in the road
Blind as he could be
Jumped the fence and whipped my dog
And bristled up at me

Once I had an old grey mule
His name was Simon Slick
He`d roll his eyes and back his ears
And how that mule would kick

How that mule would kick
He kicked with his dyin` breath
He shoved his hind feet down his throat
And kicked himself to death
Жанр: Кантри
Тип гармошки: Блюзовая
Сложность: Для начинающих
Ключ гармошки: A

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