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Baggy Trousers harmonica bit


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Went to see Oasis in Paris in 2009. And they broke up that night. So
we got to see Madness play two sets. Turned out to be not a bad

Baggy Trousers harmonica bit: Sort of:

-6 -5-45  -5 -4-56  -6 -5-45  -5 -4-56 
-6-6-5-4-7-765-6-6-5-45 -4 -4b 4

This sounds Ok until you get to the end, just let your mate on a sax
take over and it will be sorted.

If you look at the video on youtube you will see that the harmonica is
more than ten holes long. I think it is still a diatonic, but I don't
know how it is tuned.

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