Angels Among Us!!

Randy Travis! (Feat. Alan Jackson & Clint Black)/Alabama

Кантри Блюзовая Неопределена
Неопределен Ab Неопределено

Howdy Y’all It’s TIN MAN again and this time 
Presenting a truly special song for all my 
Country Fans!!. This song just like 3 Wooden 
Crosses is also a TRUE STORY!!
Those of you who hail from Randall’s Home State
Can look up your old newspapers and see the story
Of a 7 yr old Randy who got lost in the winter 
Cold and snow and returned unharmed. 
He still claims to this day that an angel brought
Him back. Its been made into an episode of Touched
By an Angel, he has appeared in 4 episodes himself.
He initially had problems recording this song, 
until Alabama believed him and did it in his stead
when he later told Alan Jackson and Clint black
they agreed to do this song for nothing! What was said
is still and will always be a secret!!. He was offered
a fortune to use this song as the theme song to 
touched by an angel but Randy refused.
Without further adieu folks I am Honoured to 
present Randy’s biggest Hit!!


I was walking home from school (spoken)

On a cold winter day (spoken)

Took a short-cut through the woods, (spoken)

And I lost my way (spoken)

It was getting late (spoken)

And I was scared and al-one (spoken)

Then a kind old man took (spoken)

My hand and led me home (spoken)

6   -8  8   8    -7  -4
Ma-ma could-n't see him

-6  6   7    7   -5b  4
But he was stand-ing there.

6  -5b -6  -5b 7   4
But I knew in my heart

6  -6b  7   6  -8  -7  7   -5b
He was the an-swer to my prayer


7  -4 6   5    -6    7  6   -5b 5  -5b -5b
Oh I be-lieve there are an-gels a-mong us

 5     6   5  7  -7    6    8    7 -6b 6
Sent down to us from some-where up a-bove

7     -4  -5b -4   6  5
They come to you and me 

6   4  -5b   5   -5b
In our dark-est hours

6   -5b  -6  7  -7 -4
To show us how to live

6   -5b  -6  7   -7 -5b
To teach us how to give

6   -5b  -6  7   -7  -5b -5b 5
To guide us with a light of love

8      8   7  -4 6  -4 -6b
They wear so man-y fa-ces; 

6    -8  8   8  -6b    6  -4  -6b
Show up in the strang-est pla-ces

6      -5b -6  7    -7    5   6
They grace us with their mer-cies

-5b -8  -7   7  -5b
In our time of need

7    5    6  -6b  -6
Oh love, to guide us

7   -7   8   -7  -7
With a light of love


When life held troubled times
And had me down on my knees
There's always been someone there 
to come along and comfort me
A kind word from a stranger
To lend a helping hand.
A phone call from a friend, 
Just to say I understand.
Now ain't it kind of funny that 
At the dark end of the road.
Someone lights the way with 
Just a single ray of hope.

REPEAT CHORUS!! (hold out for the last repeat of "Love"


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